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This week MOD. opened after a five month long physical closure. Of course, we weren’t completely closed in that time. In fact, I’d argue that we were almost more open than ever with an online exhibition and four nights a week of live streamed video interviews, games, and workshops.

We warmed MOD., and our sibling UniSA gallery Samstag, on Tuesday with a smoking ceremony lead by Karl Telfer and Yellaka. Afterwards, we all sat in the lobby, watching groups of visitors enter the gallery. It felt like no time had passed at all.

I’m not the only person in the world who has experienced time in a really strange way this year. I am lucky to be in South Australia where my life has almost entirely gone back to “normal”, though of course there are some big changes. Those months I spent working from home, seeing no one but those I lived with, spending whole weekends cooking and playing Stardew Valley, and walking up and down Adelaide’s East Park Lands feel imagined.

But now, as long as things are “normal”, I can’t stop thinking about time. Time passing quickly and slowly simultaneously. And what time will look like next year, or for the next five years. There’s so much unknown still, but for now I am content enough to keep sliding through time in all its blobbiness and seeing what comes.

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