Hi and welcome to my blog!


I’m Natalie, a museum professional and arts writer based living on Kaurna Yerta (Adelaide, South Australia).

I have been volunteering/interning/working in the GLAM sector since 2015, but I currently work at MOD., a museum at the University of South Australia, dedicated to engaging 15-25 year olds in science, art, and innovation. At MOD. I am an exhibitions coordinator, which means I am responsible for the design of exhibitions, and bringing them to life.

Outside of my museum work, I am an arts writer. I predominantly write for Collage Adelaide, a local arts publication that I co-founded during my undergrad days and continues to live on.

I have recently been awarded a 2020 George Alexander Foundation Fellowship. Over the course of the next year (or maybe longer, COVID dependant…) I am going to be researching the impacts of digital interventions in museums in the US. I am really excited for the opportunity to go overseas and meet all of the digital museum specialists! And visit as many museums as I can, of course.

I hope you enjoy tagging along on my journey ☺️

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